Monday, August 01, 2005

Everyone is waiting for a bad news!

Monday Aug. 1, 2005
Ganji , On the threshold of death : The most important political event of the country is in a halo of silence and expectation.

Everyone is waiting for a bad news. Ganjis wife , Masumeh Shafiei is all the time on the phone to ask about her husbands situation . there are people who call and say that;" I am calling from the 12th floor of " Milad" hospital , sorry to say Mr. Ganj is dead !? This is not the first time that she hear this kind of news on the phone, Isa Saharkhiz one of the 3 people working on liaison between public prosecutor and hospital officials says that : On last Friday night when daughters of Ganji cried befor their father , Ganji was given serum but whenever he become conscious he removes the needle from his body . This is a very dangerous situation for the life of Ganji. .....Ganjis wife said that Ganji knows about people who went on hunger strike in solidarity with him . there are news about his death but we are not certain , Tonight Ganjis family are planning to visit him in Milad hospital .

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