Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ganji on his 56 days of hunger strike!

Friday Aug.5,2005
Gooya News: Radio Farda

Ganji's wife : Ganji is banned from visitation !

Ganji on his 56 days of hunger strike !

Ganji's wife " Masumeh Shafiei " in an interview on Thursday with Radio Farda spoke about her unsuccessful effort to see her husband: It's 4 days that we have no news about him and unfortunately today also they kept us for 80 minutes and finally they did not give us permission to meet him, and it seems that he is been banned of visitation , We are worried about him , We are completely uninformed about him, She said that: " the doctors are worried about his situation and they said " he does not allow them to inject him with serum . Ganji's wife said : " I do not know which law and Ideology gives to this gentlemen the permission to deal with the family of an ill prisoner like this? And the situation is some how that the whole Islamic Republic security is in front of me and my two daughters ? What have i done? If we have commited a sin , let them come and arrest and detain us and bring an end to this suffering .

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