Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ganji on his 59th days of hunger strike !

Tuesday Aug. 9,2005
Gooya News : Radio Voice of America in an interview with Ganji's wife " Masumeh Shafiei" :
Ido not know , I do not know at all, It's eight days that i have no news from Ganji, Dear Akbar please, If you hear me , We will tolerate these stuff , same as five and half years that we tolerated, They want to play trick on you, every time you wanted to come out of this crisis again they create another crisis until to bring you close to death, I beg you not to fall into their trap , break your hunger strike , they will get angry if you break your hunger strike , Dear Akbar ;I beg you if I or the children worth for you ( Mrs. Ganji is crying ....) I beg you to stop your hunger strike ......
In another news Akbar Ganji's wife asked Ganji's friend to ask him to end his hunger strike : Because of this request Shireen Ebadi , RSF, Yusef Molaie and many organization asked Ganji to end his hunger strike .
News from Iran : Public relation of the Iranian judiciary ( Karimi Rad ): Ganji has ended his hunger strike !

Tuesday Agu.9,2005
Ganji's wife ( Masumeh Shafiei) in an interview with Radio Voice of America :
We were trying to solve Ganji's hunger strike problems and we have reached to positive points but unfortunately these people today attacked our home , they were ten people from public prosecutors office and two women were also among them with veil , without showing us any court document ... they pushed the door ...... my daughter went to the door... They said if you dont open the door we will break the door and we will count up to three .......They used lader and cut off the telephone cable , they also cut the neighbours cable.... after half an hour they showed me the court order and i noticed the name of public prosecutor below the letter ( Said Mortazavi ) ......... These team is the same team that positioned themselves on the 12th floor of the Milad hospital were Mr. Ganji is on hunger strike . I know them one by one ....... They searched the house and took so many things with them.... I'd like you to come and take picture from our home and see what a situation it is.......We are tired , We are disgusted living under this Islamic Republic system that all tragic events are hapening in the name of Islam ,..... Ganji is on his 59th day of hunger strike ! .....

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