Friday, August 12, 2005

Mr. Abdolfath Soltani ,Zahra Kazemi and Akbar Ganji's lawyer and a colleague of Shireen Ebadi is arrested. !

Thursday Aug. 11 , 2005
News from
Abdolfatah Soltani ( Lawyer of Zahra Kazemi and Akbar Ganji ) who have been recently imprisoned by the Islamic Republic of Iran and since his arrest there was no news about him , has contacted his home .
Lawyers in Iran threatened to stage a protest gathering !
While there was no news from Soltani since his arrest and the lawyers were threatening to stage protest in solidarity with Abdolfatah Soltani , Last night he contacted with his home and informed to his family that he is healthy and fine and he hops that soon things will be solved .
Soltani is a leading member of the lawyer association and close colleague of Shireen Ebadi and he is also a member of the" Association of defenders of Human Rights " . Last week based on an accusation about the; publication of the file of people accused of nuclear project( Soltani is defense lawyer of the accused), Soltani's home was searched ( The agents even took his children school certificates ) and in protest to this action Soltani stage a protest in the lawyers association office , and later he was arrested and was brought to Evin prison ( Section # 209 ) .
Eight lawyers are working on behalf of Mr. Soltani for his freedom .

"Keihan" newspaper a mainstream media after the arrest of Mr. Soltani wrote: A colleague of Shireen Ebadi became a spy ! . Mr. Soltani has two clients and they are accused of " disclosing the nuclear secrets " but their accusation haven't been proved in the court yet.

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