Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ganji on his 63 days of hunger strike !

Thursday Aug. 11, 2005
iran - emrooz online:

Based on a call by 160 intelectuals , political & student activists to meet Ganji in Milad Hospital , Today Thursday Aug.11 , 2005 more than 1000 people with their positive respond to the call gathered around the hospital . Suporter of Ganji while holding in one hand the picture of Ganji and in the other hand a branch of rose gathered to bring to Ganji the message of peace and life, but the efforts for recieving permission to meet Ganji was negative and the public prosecutors office did not allow their representative to meet with Ganji.
General manager of Milad Hospital ( Dr. Tabesh ) : The only problem of Ganji is his refusal for not eating food and Akbar Ganji is still on hunger strike and is in a bed in ICU !
The slogan in the gathering was " Ganji Must Survive "
Representatives of the gathering spoke with hospital officials and asked to allow them to meet with Ganji, upon this request Dr. Tabesh and Dr. Piran left to discuss the matter with public prosecutors agents and after thirty minuites came with negative answere.
Ganji on his 63 days of hunger strike ! 63 days Marathon of death !
Ganji , because of his writing was sentenced in the court to 6 years imprisonment and he spent 5 years and 4 months of this sentencing .

At the end of the gathering a declaration was prepared and red and demanded anything happened to ganji would be the responsibility of Islamic Republic Judiciary ..........

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