Thursday, August 18, 2005

Manuchehr Mohammadi After 38 days of wet hunger strike, now entered on his dry hunger strike in Evin prison!

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Thursday Aug. 18, 2005
Gooya news from Radio Farda :

News update on Manuchehr Mohammadi :

Manuchehr Mohammadi is a student and political activist. He has just started his dry hunger strike after 30 days of wet hunger strike in Evin prison !
MR. Bahman Bastani from Radio Farda did an interview with Nasrin Mohammadi( Manuchehr sister) which by translating we bring this news to you.
It is more than 30 days that Manuchehr Mohammadi carried a wet hunger strike ( by only drinking water , Tea with sugar but without food ) . According to Nasrin Mohammadi after 38 days of wet hunger strike manchehr will only be able to carry out the dry hunger strike for one or two days .
Mr. Alizadeh the judge of the Evin and other prison of Tehran province said that : " Manuchehr must end his hunger strike , If he will continues we will bring him to prison that are in the lower part of the city ( meaning more dirty and among criminals and drug addicts the codition will be worse ) ".
Manuchehr Mohammadi is one of the famous student who was active in student movement and he is also a political activist. Manuchehr has been detained for many times.
Nasrin Mohammadi( Manuchehr sister ) : "Because of the hunger strike Manuchehr can't move from his place. A few days ago by force they tried to bring him to the clinic in prison and give him serum shot but he refused and they tried to return him by stretcher but he diden't want to lay on it, so other students who are in prison too helped him to go back to his cell. Mr. Alizadeh and prison officials told to my father to come and take him to hospital ( Since previously they have bailed him out by puting a land ownership ) . So my father travelled from the city of "Amol" and went to Tehran to see Mr. Alizadeh and others. Mr. Alizadeh told him that manuchehr should end his hunger strike otherwise we will transfer him to the prison in lower part of the city. Due to hunger strike , Manuchehr became very weak and bony , he is fighting with death , my family are worried for him because today he started his dry hunger strike , after 38 days of wet hunger strike he has no more energy to continue dry hunger strike , He may be able to continue for one or two days.
Translated by :IRAN WATCH CANADA

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