Tuesday, August 23, 2005

They have nothing else to do ?! Except bothering the people , arresting and .....shame!

Tuesday Aug. 23, 2005
Other news in brief from Iran :
iran-emrooz online reports from ILNA :
Soltani's mom in a letter to Association defending the rights of prisoners , while worries from the unclear situation of her son demanded from the officials to prepare a situation so that she can meet him and know about his condition.
* Abdolfatah Soltani has been arrested 23 days ago and his mother ( Sekineh Soltani ) and wife
( Masumeh Dehghan) did not meet him yet . They are asking the officials to bring a situation that they can have information about him .
His mother said : "Befor i becom blind i would like to see my son".
It is needed to say that Mr. Soltani ( who is a lawyer and member of the Association of Human Rights Defenders and a colleagues of Shireen Ebadi is a lawyer for people accused of conspirecy on Iran's nuclear project and himself is accused of same cospiracy ) was able to call once and speak to his family about his health .
Translated by : IRAN WATCH CANADA

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