Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Masumeh Shafiei ( Ganji's wife ) thanked everyone for their support!

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Tuesday Aug. 23 , 2005

-News Update on Ganji -
Iran-emrooz online reporting from ILNA :
"Shafiei", Ganji's wife : They have assured us that Ganji's problem will be solved in a few days.
Masumeh Shafiei thanked everyone for their support .
ILNA : Ganji's wife after 20 days , Last night met her husband in Milad Hospital .
" Finally after 20 days of not meeting Mr. Ganji , Last night ( Sunday Aug.21,2005) Together with his family we meet him in Milad Hospital.Mr. Ganji spent 21 days in ICU of the hospital and recently was transfered to 12th floor of the hospital . ...........
Based on the agreement between officials of the hospital and Mr. Ganji , He accepted to follow the doctors prescription of food and medicine. At this time he is still in a situation that can't eat normal food but instead he is taking soup and compote and serum.
At this time there are changes in the views of the officials to solve Ganji's problem which brings hope and we welcom this changes of view and hope it will completely end the whole problems.
Ganji's wife at the end said : It is needed to sincerely thank day and night efforts of Dr. Fatahi the head of the Milad hospital and the medical team for humanely taking care of Ganji and all the dears in Iran and outside Iran with their moral support and solidarity.

Translated by : IRAN WATCH CANADA

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