Friday, August 26, 2005

Ganji's family met him on Wed. Aug. 24 /2005 for about 40 minuites. Wife says: he is fairly well and ready to com home.

Friday Aug. 26, 2005
News Update on Ganji
Iran -emrooz online reporting from ILNA :

Ganji's general situation is fairly well . Masumeh Shafiei : I hope that in coming days Ganji will be transfered to our home .
ILNA reports: Masumeh Shafiei in a statement to ILNA have said : Last night ( Wed. Aug. 24 , 2005 ) together with our family we met Ganji for about 40 minuites in Milad Hospital . His general situation is fairly well and he is ready to leave the hospital . She said: " based on the agreement between the officials and Ganji in ICU , they have promised him in coming days they will solve his problems , we are still waiting they will fulfill their promises and in next two days Ganji be transfered to our home. My children impatienately waiting to see their father at home so that they can spent the rest of summer with their father and to reduce the anxiety of the last few months and get ready for the next school year.

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