Thursday, August 25, 2005

Security agents have arrested many in Kurdistan as well as journalist during the unrest in Kurdistan city's ! Some are on hunger strike.....

Thursday Aug. 25, 2005
News about Kurdistan uprising:
Akhbar Rooz : Latest from those who have been arrested.

"Organization Defending Human Rights in Kurdistan : Ejlal Ghavami and Saeed Saedi are the journalists who have been arrested and are in Sannandaj city's central jail .They are continuing their hunger strike.
Ejlal Ghavami is a journalist and member of the editorial council of " Payam Mardom " and he is also member of the "ODHRK " . He has been arrested on Aug. 2 , 2005 by the security agents and was for 11 days under interrogation in the information office and on Aug. 13 /2005 the agents transfered him to Sannandaj City Central jail where his condition is repoted as very bad. While in detention he went on hunger strike for a period of 5 days and after the transfer together with another prisoner named Saeed Saedi started a joint hunger strike from Aug. 15 , 2005 in protest to their arrest. At present the hunger strike is going on . Ms. Toluie a journalist and member of the ODHRK is a well known activist , she was also transfered to Sannandaj City central jail .There is news that another journalist by the name of Mr. Madeh Ahmadi who was also arrested is being transfered to Marivan jail.

Translated by : IRAN WATCH CANADA

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