Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The rulers know all this injustices , but keeping their head in the sand!

Wed. Aug. 31,2005

News from Iran

( reports from ILNA :

A weblog writer have been released from prison:

"Mohammad Reza Nasababdollahi" a weblog writer after spending 6 months imprisonment have been released. This weblog writer have been accused of " conspiracy against national security " and " insulting the leader" . He was released after serving the sentence.

* "Mojtaba Saminezhad " a blog writer have been sentenced to two years jail for an accusation based on " insulting the leader " . His lawyer is back to the court to protest his clients charges and the sentencing.
Seifzadeh the lawyer of Mr. Saminezhad said that : " The ruling on this case is against the law . He said they ruled without looking at the defense argument ".

- News up date on Lawyer Abdolfatah Soltani - reports from ILNA

* The wife of Mr. Abdolfatah Soltani ( the imprisoned lawyer ) Said : A judiciary official has promised that he will facilitate a meeting between me , Mr. Soltanis mom and my husband.

A judiciary official in a meeting with my husband Mr. Soltani hope that in a few days the condition for a meeting between me, and the mother of Soltani and him will be facilitated.

Abdolfatah Soltani is a lawyer and a member of the "Association of Human rights Defenders" which is based in Iran and most of the members are lawyers and madam Shireen Ebadi is also a member and chair of this association. Mr. Soltani is the defense lawyer for people that are accused of leaking information about nuclear facility to foreign countries . Mr. Soltani was arrested on July 30 , 2005 while inside the lawyers association by the order of public prosecutor and was transfered to Evin prison.Mr. Soltani was also lawyer of many detained students.

There are reports on Mr. Ali Afshari's case which is going on and Mr. Amir Balali a student who supported Hashem Aghajeri and was one of the student who protested during the student uprising . his sentence is reduced to one year.


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