Monday, September 12, 2005

Ganji's wife ( Masumeh Shafiei) :Akbar Ganji is in a special cell in Evin prison !

Mon. Sep. 12, 2005
Photo by IWC - CJFE international award given to investigative journalist Akbar Ganji on 2000 is still hanging on CJFE 's office wall.
iran-emrooz reports from Radio Farda :
News Update on Ganji:
Masumeh Shafiei ( Akbar Ganji's wife ) wrote a letter to general secretary of United Nation ( Kufi Annan) about the situation of Ganji
Akbar Ganji is in a special cell in Evin prison !
Akbar Ganji the writer in protest , after a long hunger strike and hospitalization in Milad hospital, was transfered to Evin prison again . His wife ( Masumeh Shafiei ) says that the prison officials with the order of public prosecutor prevented her visiting . It is said that he has been kept in a special cell in Evin prison and the prison officials has no control on his fate.
Radio Farda: Masumeh Shafiei wife of journalist Akbar Ganji in a letter to Kufi Annan demanded that he will personally interven and ask from the Islamic Republic officials for his freedom.
She said to a reporter from Radio Farda that : " Unfortunately in this week that he was transfered to Evin , every day we went to see him but they did not let us and said that we need a permission from public prosecutor ...........

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