Monday, September 26, 2005

Mr. Ahmad Saraji a weblog writer whos life is in great danger!

Monday Sep. 26,2005
News in brief- Tabriz news ,human rights section
The life of a blogger is in great danger !
The life of " Mr. Ahmad Saraji " a blogger from the city of Tabriz who is now in Tabriz central prison is in great danger !
He has been accused of " publicity against the system " and was arrested on Wednesday June 29, 2005 and now is detained in centran prison in the city of Tabriz.
While in prison , he has been attacked by people. people threatened Mr. Saraji that at midnight they will cut his wrist to shaw that he commit suicide .

Mr. Ahmad Saraji is 38 years old , he has also managed many other weblog, he is a graduate of industrial management from Tabriz Free University . As he said , he was arrested first 2 years ago on the charges of " publicity against the system " and ... and was charged in division # 4 of the primary court in Tabriz for 6 months in detention. This weblog writer since his arrest until recent days was in " temporary " cell in Tabriz prison together with murderers, drug dealers and theifs. The mental and physical situation of the mother of this weblog writer who is 72 years old after hearing the news about her son and the attempt to kill him is worsening.
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