Thursday, January 06, 2005

New years eve with political prisoners

New years eve with political prisoners

Interview by :" Khosro Shemiranie" - Shahrvand weekly publication

Homa Zarafshan , The wife of Dr. Naser Zarafshan:
I spent The last "Norouz" (Iranian new year ) together with my children beside the wall of Evin prison , and at this christian new year my husband is away from us, this is very hard for my children and me and naturally it is harder for my husband, I hope in this new year the situation will change and we will witness the freedom of Dr. Naser Zarafshan.
Q- How is his kidney situation ? - A few days ago a small stone has been passed from the kidney , which was obviousely with severe pain , in prison the treatment is not suitable , His sickness is another issue that makes us to demand for his immidiate release. Mr. Zarafshan has been kept in prison without any guilt and trial based on international law. he shuldent be in prison. at the end on the occasion of christian new year I would like to thank each and everyone and organizations who defended and demanded for the release of my husband particularly the world association of pen.

Parvin Bakhtiary Nejad , The wife of Reza Alijani :
Happy new year to everyone , About my husband, Reza Alijani, His situation hasn't been changed , He is still spending time in the prison with special condition , his case is still unclear, Mr. Mortazavi the Tehran's Judiciary says that; his preliminary sentence has been approved and he is now spending the legal time, while Mr. Zargar the appeal judge says that; There is no specific sentence yet. Q- When was the last time that you meet your husband ? After weeks finally yesterday for a few hours they let him to com home , The reality is that, he is been kept in a section of prison that has no communication with outside world. There is no possibility to visit him or he does not have access to phone. I hope this new year will be the year of peace and happiness, and i would like to request from all thoughtfull people and writers to help for the freedom of our husbands and childrens , to help the families of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.I also would like to ask from all world journalists who are active in informing people not to foget that in Iran there are journalists who are in prison because of doing their profession in a responsible manner. unfortunately it seems that there is no horrizon and not an end to these prisons.

The 72 years old mother of Heshmatollah Tabarzadi :
A few days ago I visited my son, while hopping to hear his freedom, He told me that; he has been sentenced to 16 years imprisonment, how can I bring my voice to UN and tell them that my son after spending 5-6 years imprisonment with mental and physical pressure, recieved a sentence of 16 years jail term. Q- Mrs. Tabarzadi , Is this the final sentence ? They have given this to his lawyer, 16 years jail term, out of 6 years imprisonment , he spent 2 years in solitary confinement. they want to kill him, and finally they will kill him and will say that he did the suicide, or he was sick, I want my son from the world organizations........, His file is in the hand of judge Hadad , But the reality is that behind everything is the ministry of information, his sentence was given by Mr. yunesi ( the minister of information ) , the complainant is Rafsanjani, and Mr. Khatami can not do anything, in fact the ministry of information gave the sentencing which is one of Khatami's ministry. To whom i should bring my complaint , two of my sons were killed by Sadam during the war, and they are going to kill my third son. They should say , what he has done? Is he a drug dealer? did he kill anyone? they have arrested this young man because of expression, where in the world they give 16 years imprisonment for expressing once mind? .

To be continued...........


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