Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday March 6,2006

News in brief from different websites:

Roozonline reported : Lawyer Abdolfatah Soltani after freedom:
An experience to deal with law breaker

Mr. Abdolfatah Soltani, yesterday after seven months detention was released on bail ( 100 Million Tuman) . Most of Mr. Soltani's clients were political prisoners . After release Mr. Soltani said: At present i am released with 100 Million Tuman bail and my trial probabely will take place after Norouz ( Persian New Year which will start on March 20th ), that is of course if my lawyers will be able to read my file and up to now they haven't permit them to do so, myself too, i had no chance to read my file, any way, we must wait until after the New Year and see where will it go. ...." They can not bring me back to prison unless they will have an order , at present there is no such an order and I'm free , In this experience there are sweet and bitter experience but of course the prison experience becuse of solitary confinement and other pressure can cause mental damage to human ......".
The arrest of lawyer Soltani was unexpected : " Of course, these were the plan which was put forward by the Tehran public prosecutor Mr. Mortazavi.It's 7-8 years that he confronted with us".
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In another news the blogger inside Iran are having a round table discussion on "website filtering " . At the same time they will also hear a report about "censorship on women sites" .
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