Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday June 4,2006

News in brief

Dr. Mohammad seifzadeh ( member of the Lawyers Association ) in speaking with Roozonline:
By: Dana Shahsavari

"They are willing that the Lawyers Association be disappeared" !

"Threat to organizations , associations and NGO's as always was continued but in recent months it has been increased and the Lawyers Association in Tehran wasn't the exception".

Link to this news in Farsi:


What the Government of Ahmadinejad is busy with since the innaguration of his government is to bring back the trend of eight years of shallow-reform by the reformist government of Khatami.Khatami was elected because of his promises to intellectuals , women , laborers , workers and most especially to the students and because of his promises 20 million youth droped their ballots in his favor . Although Mr. Khatami wasn't the man of action and believed in the leader of the Islamic Republic but his shallow-reform spread roots quickly in the Iranian society and so it would become hard now for Ahmadinejad to annihilate all these changes . The government of Ahmadinejad as soon as it came to power started to creat smoke screen and rhethoric such as anti Israel campaign and nuclear issues in order to divert the world attention as well as the Iranian from it's main agendas which is to suppress the rising democracy and human rights movement in Iran. During the eight years of shallow -reform the independent newspapers, journalists , non-governmental organizations on human rights, women's rights , journalists rights , labors rights and ..........was established and made connection among the Iranian society . Ahmadinejad's government was assigned to carry an agenda by the suprem leader and other Islamic Republics guardian agencies,the agenda to create an international political crisis, even if it enters into the war ( which will possibily end up with negociations ) , in order to increase the national sentiments and under this athmospher to suppress the democracy and human rights movement in Iran.

This is what we are witnessing today . will they succeed ? Absolutely not , It will backfire , only time will tell.


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