Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Suspicious death of Akbar Mohammadi !

The body of Akbar Mohammadi who have died suspiciousely on Sunday night after nine days of hunger strike in Evin prison where Zahra Kazemi was murdered , has been examined by coroners office for autopsy but the coroners office have announced that the result of the autopsy and the reason for his death will be available in a month. They haven't said why they need a month for the reasult of the autopsy? This is unacceptable and looks unusual , while the result of Zahra Kazemi's autopsy was ready in an hour and two days later public was informed about the reason for her death. Is judiciary power trying to prevent itself from another infamy like the case of Zahra Kazemi and are they trying to cover up the fact about the suspicious death of Akbar Mohammadi?

According to Akbar Mohammadi's lawyer and based on medical doctors he shoulden't have been in the prison in the first place because of his health situation, thats why they have given him unlimited time to be outside the prison , but the public prosecutor office arrested him and brought him back to prison and at the time of arrest they diden't allow him to bring with him his medications. With this kind of situation he started his hunger strike , Why the officials in judiciary prevented him to take his medication and why the ministry of justice afraid to announce the reason behind his death ?

In another news the "Association of Human Rights Defenders" in Iran in a statement announced that the death of Akbar Mohammadi is suspicious!

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