Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday August 15/2006
News update- Gooya newsonline reporting from "ISNA" :

Mr. Jamal Karimirad the spokesperson for the judiciary power on his press conference today:

Question - On Ahmad Batebi's hunger strike :
Answer - I haven't heared anything about the hunger strike of this prisoner, and it is not correct that we are keeping him in a special location but he is in Evin prison.

Q- At present Akbar Ganji is in abroad and have spoked things against Iran, will there be a bill of indictment to arrest him when he returned to Iran ?
A - We dont issue warrent of arrest or persecution here , leave this problem to those who have legal duties.

Q- Several lawyers have asked about an independent medical team to find the cause of Akbar Mohammadi's death....
A- Coroners office is a legal authority and carefully worked on this and does not follow anyone ..... we expect from the lawyers not to be passive on this and not to tampere the country's independence.

Q- One reporter asked about the editor and cartoonist of " Iran Jomeh " newspaper , are they going to be released soon?
A- These two individual have been arrested by the order of judiciary authorities and any decission making must be taken by judiciary and the judiciary power is seriousely following the file , in some crimes the temporary arrest goes to 2 months and in others to 4 months and this decission will stay but about these two person the court of revolution will soon take its decission.

IRAN WATCH CANADA: more than 80 days have passed since the arrest of Mana Neyestani ( Cartoonist) and Mehrdad Ghasemfar ( The editor )

Link to this news in Farsi:

After 9 days of hunger strike in Evin prison Akbar Mohammadi was pronounced death and now Ahmad Batebi is on hunger strike , he is going to die if we stay silent!
The lives of political prisoners in Iran is in great danger , save their lives !

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