Tuesday, February 06, 2007

News in breif-
Roozna- Tuesday Feb.6/2007
Closure of another newspaper!
According to "Roozna" the online site for "Etemad Melli" newspaper ,Mr. Mehdi Karubi has criticized officials for closure of " Siasat Rooz" newspaper.Mr. Karubi also criticized the writer of the article and the people in charge of the newspaper.He said: "In my opinion closure of newspaper isn't a right thing to do and a newspaper shouldn't be closed because of publishing an article which was mistakenly published.......".
"Siasat Rooz" was closed because, one of the writer in his article instead of using the second omavi caliph he wrote second caliph. This perhaps resonate the current leader as the successor to Khomeini and therefore, angered the officials and they have ordered for the closure of the paper.
Link to the news in farsi

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