Sunday, February 25, 2007

News in brief-
Ahmad Batebi on hunger stike !
A group of students from Tehran University - Management College released a statement on Ahmad Batebi's situation!
In the statement the students expressed that they are anxious about Batebi's health situation and demanded official to review his case- file and to allow Mr. Batebi's for leave of absence from prison,
so that he can start looking for medical treatment outside the prison.

At 8 :00pm On Wednesday February 21, Somayieh Bayenat the wife of Mr. Batebi was kidnaped by an unknown group.
According to her brother , Somayeh in a contact by phone have reported of her arrest but after that in another contact at around 2 :00am denied her arrest and said she is going to the city of Mashhad for 5 days assignment. Her brother said: " We are sure that she has been arrested and even some have reported that she was piked up by a "405 model Pezho car" . He added that : probabely his sister last night call was under agents pressure and at present her both phone line are cut off ".
She was arrested because she was threatened before for several time not to talk to reporters and not to have interviews about her husband's situation.
In recent days Mr. Batebi had several nervous breakdown and was transfered to hospital and at present he is also in the hospital.
Because of increase in pressure in last week which ended Mr. Batebi to hospital and on top of that his wife arrest increased the pressure and now Mr. Batebi is on dry hunger strike ( refusing to eat solid food).

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