Thursday, March 15, 2007

News in Brief-
Ahmadinejad's government continue attacking on civil society organizations and this must be stopped!
" Koneshgaran Institute" has been closed and Mr. Sohrab Razaghi the sociologist and director of the centre has been arrested!
According to "Roozna" : with the order from prosecutor and Tehran's court of revolution "Koneshgaran Institute" has been closed and its director has been arrested.
At noon time today , several agents from prosecutors office have attended in " Koneshgaran Institute" and after arresting Mr. Sohrab Razaghi , closed the centre. It must be added that ; before the closure the agents let all the volunteers of the centre out of the building and searched the centre while Mr. Sohrab Razaghi the director of the centre was watching.
" Koneshgaran Institute " is a volunteer centre who work on civil society and " oneshgaran Institute " has also an online website which reports their activities on human rights and civil liberties.

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