Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Whats happening in Iran?
As I surf around on online news, here are what makes these newses on the spotlight:
Womens rights advocats who have been arrested and released later now saying: They have been receiving call urging them to appear to the court branch.These calls have been received by many women rights advocates and all of them have decided to not appear in the court because they beleive it is illegal. The womens human rights advocate believe that ; The only way they would appear in the court is when they receive a written summon. Ms. Nasrin Sotudeh the lawyer for most of these women beleive that it is illegal to summon people by phone call.
Ms. Zeynab Payghambarzadeh said: "They have called in my cell phone and asked me to appear to the court on Sunday morning ".She didn't appear and then the court officials called her dad and told him that: If she won't appear on Monday they will arrest her. Ms. Nahid Jafari agrees with Zeynab and said : Without a written summon she won't appear to the court. The same is true with Ms. Farnaz Seifi.
In the last week Ms. Sara loghmani, Jila Baniyaghub and Jelveh Javaheri were also summoned the same way but did not appear to the court. The defense lawyer emphasized that : Summoning by phone is illegal.

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The Islamic Republic have started to arrest more members of the teachers union !
After the arrest of 45 teachers from the city of Hamadan, yesterday the security agents in a planned agenda attacked on teachers in Tehran by attending in their resident and searched their houses. In a summoning letter the court have asked The teachers to appear in the court.
There are conflicting news about the release of teachers from Hamadan. While the judiciary spoksperson said 30 teachers have been released but the deputy of the Hamedans governor on security have said 20 teachers in Hamedan have been released.
The teachers union have said : Because of no response to their demand and because of harrasment, arrest and detention the teachers won't attend on their classes on April 15 and 16 and April 29.
In Iran the teachers day is on May 2nd and on that day teachers from around the country will attend in Ministry of Education for response to their demand.
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