Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another threatening message by Mr. Mohseni Ezheei the Minister of Information!

On August 7 Mr. Ezheei said : The enemies of the Islamic system are " expanding their actions to overthrow the Islamic Republic" .
He said they developed three plan:
First plan is headed by Dick Cheini with colaboration of internal and external opposition and their aim is to intensify division among officials.
2nd plan is to defame personalities of the revolution
And 3rd plan which is the most important one is to show that this system does not work and therefore are planning for an orange revolution.

This is all to intimidate and threaten brave Iranian students, women , laborers , teachers , journalists, bloggers , human rights activists who are demandin for their basic human rights.

Despite of these threats the struggle in Iran seems had intensified and can't be stopped by the Islamic Republic.
Iranian people want freedom , democracy and Human Rights . That is at least what can be heard in the streets in Tehran and all over Iran .

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