Saturday, August 25, 2007

News in brief-
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Ahmadinejad's silent cultural revolution continues!
Mass expelling of outstanding professors of universities in Iran has been continued.

This action by Ahmadinejad's Government raises alot of eyebrew and concern among academic ,intellectual societies and human rights defenders in Iran and the world.
Many outstanding experienced professors from the University of Tehran and University of Alameh Tabatabaie are expelled or were forced to accept early retirement.
In the begining of classes season, many professors of universities are forcefully left staying at home instead of being in classes.
In the last two weeks more than 15 professors are expelled or forcefully retired .
Ahmadinejad's project expelling or forcefully early retiring professors started last year. At the time, more than 40 professors were forced to retire. These situation caused alot of stress not only among these professors family but also among students as well.
Here are some of the names of these professors.
Dr. Mir jalalodin Kezazi
Dr. Hossain Bashirieh
Dr. Behzad Shahandeh
Dr. Hadi Semati
Mohammad Mojtahed Shabestari
Hasanali Dorodian
Ahmad Saei
Seyed Ali Azemayesh
SafaeiReza Reistusi
Mohsen Kadivar
Saeed Hajarian
Mohammad Taghi Ahmadi
Abolfazl Shekuri
Masud Ghafari
Hatam Ghaderi
Hashem Aghajeri

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