Sunday, October 14, 2007

News in brief- reporting from ISNA-Sunday Oct. 14,2007
Today Sunday Oct. 14, 2007 Emad Baghi the head of the "Association in Defense of Prisoners Rights" has been arrested!
Mr. Saleh Nikbakht in speaking with ISNA have said: "Today together with Mr. Molaei the other lawyer for this case , for the third time we have attended in division number one of the court of revolution and met with deputy prosecutor and the prosecutor started his investigation from our client."
Mr. Baghi is allegedly charged with : " propaganda against the Islamic system " and " revealing government confidential documents through speeches and in talking with other prisoners while in prison. "
Mr. Baghi said that his organization is a registered organization and whatever he has said wasn't cofidential. According to Mr. Nikbakht when both lawyer arrived in prosecutors office the officials told them that their client Mr. Baghi has already left the office to prepare the 500 Million Rials bail which was imposed against him.But this wasn't true and instead the agents have transfered Mr. Baghi to another location.
The regime is also allegedly charged him with attending to a workshop on human rights in neighbouring country United Arab Emirat.
Mr.Baghi in the past has spent three years in prison and during the past four years he was summoned 23 times to prosecutors office and was brought on trial. He was banned from working in the country and the publication of his books were also banned. Mr. Baghi's son in speaking with BBC - Farsi division approved the detension of his father.

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