Monday, October 01, 2007

Pic. Javad Larijani

Just one thiny stone to your head may change your opinion to stonning,never mind the hundreds !
Mr. Larijani ,have you ever sat alone for a bit and thought about stonning a human being ?Did you and your other colleagues in the judiciary power ever thought about that little child who will be growing without mother?

In a recent interview with ISNA ( Iran's Student News Agency) on stonning , Mr. Javad Larijani the advisor to Iran's judiciary power have said:
"Stonning isn't torture and our theology dosn't have dead end. We have our own values."

12 years ago a married woman and a single man who were neighbours decided to escape together from "Islam shahr " the city where they lived to the city of "Takestan" and by changing their identity they married and started life together.They lived four and a half year together in Takestan but because of the complain by her husband she was found and few months ago she was stonned to death.

According to Mr. Javad Larijani :
" this two people had melancholy of mind and naturally these type of acts isn't just based on sexual desire and the condition shows that they acted together completely in irrational way ."

UN believes that stonning is not a punishment but a torture and must be stopped.

Link to this news in Farsi:

The column is written by Ms. Maryam Dastgir.

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