Thursday, November 22, 2007

Islamic Republic officials are angry about the UN resolution against Iran!
Islamic Republic of Iranian officials reaction to the UN resolution on human rights against Iran !
The UN resolution didn't have a chance to get published in mainstream media in Iran,the reason: publishing this type of materials would mean anti-national security and eventually the closur of newspaper.Most Newspaper is owned by the government.The entire TV and Radio station is owned by the regime.
Mr. Mohammad Khazaei the representative of Iran in UN, tried hard the resolution not to get enough vote, but his proposal didn't pass.One of the main supporter of this resolution was Canada. The regime in Iran calls Canada as human rights violator of the " Majority of Canadian population ,particularly minorities, immigrants, foreigners and natives."

Mr. Dori Najafabadi the prosecutor general of the regime has called contries who have voted against Iran as "not the real supporter of the human rights and as the confiscators of human rights and creditless among nations." he added: " It has been years that The human socities has wittnessed unjust and politicised human rights, while in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other part of the world and Palestine and Lebanon the violation of human rights including the right to live is clear. These crimes has been theorized with the name of freedom and democracy ." Mr. Najafabadi condemned abusing human rights in UN.

The Foreign Affairs spoksperson Mr. Mohammad Ali Hosseini in reaction to this resolution, called the accusations of Canada about human rights situation in Iran as "baseless, unjust ,unfriendly and political."

It is needed to add that; three weeks ago the European parliament also in a statement expressed its regret about the violation of human rights in Iran particularly about imprisoned students and demanded for the immediate release of Emad Baghi an Iranian human rights activist.

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