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Etemad newspaper- Monday Oct. 5, 2007
Save "Somayeh" from the galows !
Upto now Somayeh has spent two years in prison. She is now 26 years old. She was 24 when she commited the crime by killed a young man with knife. She is in the list of women who must pay the "Dieh" an islamic term for blood money he/she must pay to the victimes immediate family inorder to scape the gallows.
Somayeh's father and mother are worried for her. Her father says : Haven't you seen my somayeh ? she was supposed to work in Tehran and help me with the daily expenses. she has promised me to buy medications for my feet pain ..........
In her trial, she told to five member judges: for awhile I was friend with Amir-hossain, and at the begining he liked me,and was saying he is going to get marry with me.and because of this i was interested with him too. Amirhossain knew that i was from a poor family and i'm paying all my expenses by working. I was alone in Tehran and didn't have anyone , so i became dependent to him, until one day Amirhossain told me that he doesn't want to continue this relationship and is planning to marry with another girle.
Our relation has gone so far that i couldn't retreat. He also knew this problem , but he was telling me you must solve this problem yourself,and it is not my business. I begged him but without result.Until we decided to see and speak with each other for one last time. That day my sister bought me some fruits and she gave me a knife and my brother inlaw picked me up with his car . on our way we picked Amirhossain too and while in the car , i started to peel an apple to make our relation work but at this time he argued with me and i dont know what happened , i lost control and hit the knife to his side . I didnt want to kill him . After i saw the blood , i learned what i have done , and together with my brother inlaw , we brought him to the hospital , but he died later.
The court together with the victims family requested for maximum punishment and that in Islamic Republic's judiciary system means " Ghesas" meaning blood for blood but later the victims family reduced " Ghesas " to " Dieh" meaning blood money.
Mr. Abdolsamad Khoramshahi the lawyer of Somayeh thanked the victims family and said: unfortunately all the assets of Somayeh's family is a mud built house in a village in Lahijan a city in the north of Iran and the family put the house for sale and she need financial help from the public .And if the public will not help her , this young woman will die while she is young.
Somayeh was an employee of a hospital in Tehran and her sallary was spent mostly for buying her mother and father's medication.The lawyer is asking the Iranian inside and outside Iran to help her.
In another but good news the young Sina who plays flute paid the blood money and was saved from " ghesas " or the death.

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