Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sobhesadegh Newspaper, the Weekly political,cultural and social newspaper of " Sepah Pasdaran" ( the Gurdian Corps of the Islamic Republic), has a report that i didn't want you to miss reading it. The title of this report, a quote from the leader of the Islamic Republic reads as: "Rumors mongering media in West about the violation of human rights in Iran."
According to the report, the leader of the Islamic Republic called "the rumors mongering as one of the style of the media in the West" .
Mr. khameneei also called propaganda of the west about "the lack of democracy in Iran as another political pressure of the west for weakening the self-confidence of the nation of Iran."
Mr. Khameneei added the negative propaganda of the west about women issue in Iran as another lever of political pressure on nation of Iran. He pointed out that women's rights are being violated in Western liberal democracy. He said : "These rumors mongering doesn't have effect inside Iran ."
Link to this site in Farsi:

Mr. Khameneei may call the violation of human rights inside Iran as "rumors of the West". In western democracy women choose what to wear and what not to ( unlike Iran enforcing dress code for Iranian women). In Western democracy there are thousands of women judges ( unlike in Iran Ms. Sheerin Ebadi loses her position as judge and is demoted to secretary of the court).In Western democracy women can become president, prime minister , foreign minister, parliamentary speaker or leader ( what about in Islamic Republic's parliament, there are only few silent women).In Western democracy women have same rights as men in divorce, for equality , for custody of child ( on this issue has even more right than men) , for inheritance. In Western democracy women are not going to be stoned to death because of having affair with another man and many more rights ................
Mr. Khameneei can't fool the people of Iran any more. Technology won't allow that.

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