Thursday, March 06, 2008

news in brief-
Reported by : Shahram Rafizadeh

the Begining of an international human rights campaign in Iran!
the gole of this campaign is to let the world know about the widespead violation of human rights in Iran.
The other day, the independent human rights activists reported about the start of the activity of an " International Campain for Human Rights in Iran".
About the motive to start such a campaign , Mr. Hadi Ghaemi the spoksperson for the International Campaign on Violation of Human Rights in Iran have told to the "Rooz " that :" the reason for starting this campaign is because of the systemic and widespread violation of human rights in Iran in the last two years."
the campaign have reported that " today the situation of human rights in Iran is the worst among the world . Although some countries are more oppressor than Iran but the regime in Iran particularly on human rights is very dangerous ..................."

Read more on this site :
http://www. iranhumanrights. org

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