Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Police Chief Exposed in a Sex Scandal
Commander Zarei’s Arrest is Confirmed -
Kourosh Salimi
Ten days after the disappearance of commander Zarei, the chief of Tehran’s police, who ‎has been among the leading proponents of Ahmadinejad administration’s policies, and ‎while the police has been attempting to present his removal as a routine event, the ‎judiciary under pressure from internet websites has now confirmed that the chief of ‎police has been arrested and then released on bail. ‎
According to a report published in the newsletter of Amir Kabir University, the reason ‎for the removal of commander Reza Zarei has been the discovery of the sex scandal ‎surrounding him, as the rumors in Tehran had been circulating for a week. Zarei had been ‎appointed to become Tehran’s police chief when the Ahmadinejad administration came ‎into office and on the recommendation of the President’s in law commander Ahmad ‎Moghadam the former police chief.‎
Police chief Zarei, which is the second highest commander in the force, was arrested ‎while in the presence of six prostitutes in a very vulgar scene in a house.‎
According to the Amir Kabir University newsletter, this arrest took place under the direct ‎orders of the chief of the judiciary ayatollah Hashemi Shahrudi and out of fear that the ‎close relationship between Zarei and Saeed Mortezavi Tehran’s chief prosecutor could ‎have prevented the arrest. So the issue was followed up outside the normal Tehran ‎judiciary channels and the head of the judiciary personally pursued the issue and ordered ‎the arrest. ‎
News reports from Tehran indicate that the head of the judiciary insists on a heavy ‎sentence and punishment against Zarei while the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic ‎too has called for the full implementation of the law in this regard. In this regard, the ‎office of the leader has asked that the prosecution should take place after the elections ‎and in a quiet manner.‎
What has made this arrest a major issue is that Zarei has been personally involved in the ‎execution of the policy to harshly confront urban criminals and those involved in ‎corruption cases which have led to violent confrontations of the police ending in the ‎arrest of individuals.‎

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