Thursday, April 10, 2008

Has there been a deal made by George Bush and Ahmadinejad behind the close door ?!

That, Ahmadinejad to change the course of reform and the idea of the reformism and to suppress the human rights and civil rights movement in Iran and diverse the mind of the Iranian as well as Middle Eastern public to nuclear issues.

That ,Iran help US in Iraq.

That, George Bush will not attack Iran.

That, US explore oil and Gas in Iraq without disruption.

That , Ahmadinejad to burie the rise of Free Media, independent journalist and human rights workshops.

Why Sadam was changed?
Why US wanted to deliver democracy in Iraq ?
Why continuous war?

It seems that it is not the Islamic Republic that US want to isolate but the people of Iran who are calling for reform , freedom, human rights and calling for total changes in Iran which eventually will include the people in the Middle East.

Why George Bush and NATO is trying to build a wall of defense around Iran?

What happens if the regims in the Middle East start reforming their political system ?

What happens if the regimes in the Middle East changes for good and reformists or democratic government take control over political and economical situation of each Middle East State?

Think about it?

Will the US fear for their national or strategic interest?

*The people of Iran are determind to build an open society based on respect for human rights , civil rights, independent media, freedom of expression, to develope NGO's and..... Nothing can change these trend anymore.


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  • Typical Iranian conspiracy theories? President Bush's administration has been the most open administration in terms of letting Iranian scholars, students and businesses travel to the US and see for themselves how the actual US is so different from the one Mullahs tell them. A democratic Iraq and Lebanon will make the Iranian people think twice about having a democratic country and its benefits. World will be a better place without the maniacs that rule Iran today. A Democratic Iran is in the best interest of America and the civilized world.

    By Blogger Winston, At 4:05 PM  

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