Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Iran must stop sending teenagers to gallows!

One month time has been given to Behnoud Shojaei to ask from the victims family to pardone him from death!

Mr. Shahroudi the head of the Islamic republic judiciary system gave one month to Behnoud to ask the victims family to pardon him . So, this way the Islamic Republic judiciary is trying to pardon itself from any envolvement in his death which is going to take place in a month. In fact it is the Islamic Republic judiciary system which must be aimed and blamed for this young man's death, if he goes on gallows .

Behnoud Shojaei was a teenager when he commited the crime in a street fight.Two days ago he wrote a letter to the mother of Ehsan ( Omid- the victim ) and asked her to forgive him. The letter was published in Etemad newspaper.

Please call and Fax through these numbers, and ask to stop sending this teenager to gallows .

Telephone: 0261-44110510261-4411050 Prison in "Rejaei Shahr" , The office of the judiciary power: 0098-21-3391-1109 , Fax : 0098-21- 4986-3390

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