Sunday, July 13, 2008

One of IRAN WATCH CANADA reader left me a comment which i have posted here with my response.
Here it goes:

John Maszka said...
I think what you're doing is noble and vital. However, we need to understand that Iran has its own culture and we need to respect its sovereignty. The young people of Iran will change their own society in the due course of time. The last thing we should do is impose our values upon another state (outside of clear cases of genocide...).Constructive Sovereignty is an emerging international relations theory intended to address globalization's increasing onslaught against state sovereignty. The theory maintains that states are not the primary actors, their constituents are. Therefore, their preferences are not fixed. Since states merely represent the preferences of their constituents, they will only adhere to and ultimately embed those international norms that their respective constituencies will accept. Rather than push for larger and more powerful international organizations that will impose global norms from the outside in, the theory of Constructive Sovereignty posits that ultimately change must come from the inside out. That is to say, from each state's own constituency. As each state's constituents become more and more international, they will become more receptive to international norms and they will voice their acceptance of these norms both politically and (especially) as consumers.It is therefore a central pillar of the theory that privatization is not only the driving force behind globalization, but also that private enterprise possesses the incentive to implement those international norms reflected in the preferences of consumers (profit). Private enterprise is also the primary consumer of proprietary data used to measure the preferences of consumers, and as such remains the most up-to-date source of changing consumer preferences. As private enterprise meets the increasingly international demands of consumers, it will itself become more international in scope. The cycle is self-perpetuating. In this way international norms are embedded and viewed with legitimacy by each state's constituency, while state sovereignty is maintained and respected.What Iran needs more than anything right now is something to lose. We've backed it into a corner and given it few options. We should leave Iran an honorable path of retreat. Engaging Iran in the global economy is the only approach that has merit.
10:47 AM

My response:
Thanks for the comment.
I agree with you that we should let things take their course . And i believe that we musn't push for radicalization of the society . When i say "radicalization" i mean pushing the movement toward bloodbath and accelerating it artificially.Human rights activists must never help "radicalize" the social movement.
I believe in gradual transformation not only through globalization but also in due internal course.Iran is a theocratic state and somewhat similar to authocratic states in former Eastern Europe. The main actors in these kind of systems are not the people but the ruling officials . It depends how many of these officials believe in changes despite of their principles which reject any changes.
The electoral system in Iran is undemocratic and the representatives (MP's) are sometimes elected without any other candidates to debate. Therefore people are left without choice.In Iran like the former Eastern Europe (1968) or earlier it is a few officials in the system which decide for the people .It is not about constituents at all. There are a few who are elected ( the minority MP's) and the regime lets it happen for show off which makes them a little bit different with Eastern Europe.
However , There is an Iranian proverb which says : "People get what they deserve ". But i would disagree that the 70% of Iranian youth deserve Islamic Republic.30 years ago perhaps but not now.
There are growing number of unrest and protest against the Islamic Republic's policy and the way they handle the internal and external affairs.Reform, civil society and " Iran for all Iranian " is what the regime can't avoid . Sooner or later the regime will face with these reality and i hope they do realise faster before it become dangerousely destructive.

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