Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Two years imprisonment and 4000000 Tuman ( $4000) fine for bloggers and website writers who won’t follow the Islamic Republic newly passed bills !
Title: Iran Watch Canada
Roozonline- Shahram Rafizadeh – Nov.4/08

Judiciary commission in the Islamic Republic parliament approved a bill known as " Internet crimes" which makes it easy for officials to imprison and filter the websites and internet bloggs.

According to the judiciary commission some of the bills are about the punishments for those who produce the content of the sites in the internet.
Mr. Amin Hossain Rahimi has told to the ISNA reporter that : " For publishing lies and disturbing the public mind through internet, two years imprisonment has been considered."

Also, those who " through internet , film, sound will change the picture of others or distort and publish them in a way that may damage the reputation of people, will receive two years imprisonment plus four million Tuman ($4000) cash fine or both of the punishment"


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