Sunday, December 28, 2008

Islamic Republic regime in Iran lives & breath by creating crisis. Just to take away the attention of ordinary citizens from the real problems they face , regime create "a smoking gun " . Although This policies are too old but still works in deceiving ordinary citizens but for a while and not for all the time. Sometimes ;"the smoking gun" is nuclear issue, other time tough talk of war , sometimes ; a bomb explode somewhere in the country ,other time rumoures that Khamenei is sick , sometimes the issue of Hezbullah in Lebanon comes to aid , other time the Hamas . Despite of all , the increasing movement for human rights, civil rights not only in Iran but also in the whole region of Middle East is growing bigger than the " smoking gun ".
Islamic Republic regime has no other choice and alternative but to face the reality , that it has to face with young Iranian workers, students , women and .....

Sooner or later the tidal wave of a "united human rights for all" is coming.

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