Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ahmadinejad, what a moron!?

"You the Iranian people get out in the street and protest against the barbaric actions of these impious creatures."

Ahmadinejad the president of the Islamic Republic regime in speaking with Aljazira , Alalam and PressTV in a message asked Palestinian living in occupied tritories to come out to the streets and to protest against Israel . He also asked the Israeli soldiers not to follow the orders of their commanders in killing women and childerens.The president of the Islamic Republic asked the resident of Israel : "You the people who are living in occupied tritories under the oppression of Zionism, with any religion , race or faith that you have , at the end you are human, it is time that you think and ask from the ruling zionist regime , that why acting this way against the people of Gaza? Why killing ? Why acting this way with human who are dear to god ? and ... "
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What a moron !?
One must tell him that ; a foreign national has no right to tell the people of another country to protest against their government and if that foreign national is a president the responsibility becomes more in what to say and how to say it.
This is an open intervention into the affair of another country.One must tell to Ahmadinejad that; it is none of your business!?

Now, since the oppression of the Islamic Republic regime against the oppressed Iranian people is going on for 30 years , the same message is applicable for Iranian people. Here it goes:

"You the Iranian people living under the occoupied Apartheid Islamic regime; get into the street and protest against inhuman act of this regime. Time has come; you think and ask the apartheid Islamic regime , why they act this way against the Iranian people? Why they murder or kill political prisoners? Why they act this way with humans who are dear to God? Why they send young offenders to the gallows?

Why the president of the Islamic Republic regime is trying to pour oil into the fire of Gaza!?
To continue the oppression in Iran against the growing protest more quietly ?
Or the price of oil is so low and crisis may help increase the price!?
One thing is clear . Islamic Republic is in deep economic crisis and unable to solve.

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