Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let's not forget Hossain Akbari the imprisoned Iranian syndicalist and the president of "National Peace Council" !
Iranian workers need your support today, support Hossain Akbari, Osanloo , Madadi and many other brave Iranian labor rights advocate and activists ! Iran Watch Canada

National Peace Council's executive directors representative, have met the wife and childrens of Hossain Akbari the Iranian Syndicalist who was arrested and detained since May one the International Labor Day .
Mr. Akbari is one of the prominent expert on Iranian Worker issues. In the past he was the editor of workers service desk in "Nameh" publication .At his early youth ,he worked as moulder in "Mashin Sazi Arak" ( Arak car manufacturing company). While retired , he still work as moulder and he is also the president of "National Peace Council".
In this meeting the family of Mr. Akbari explained that ; on May 1 the Labor Day celeberation was organized , Tehran municipality as well put beautiful placards on roadsides and the Metal & Mechanic cooperative also organized meeting of its members in their office. In the begining Mr. Satar Amini reported on financial situation of the coop and the rest of the meeting went by as the Ministry of Information agents were also present in the meeting.
The security forces reported to their superiors about the peacefulness of the meeting and asked for guidance and after respectfully reporting a list of workers present in the meeting , they respectfully issued for the arrest of 30 workers. The security agents respectfully searched the houses of members and took computers , films and others with them. Several workers were released the next day but the following are still in prison:
Ebrahimi, Eghbali, Amini, Akbari, Hatami, Darolshafaei, Rajabi, Sharghi, Gilani, Mohammadi , Marufi, Mirezaei, Noudahi, Vatankhah and Yari.


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