Friday, May 01, 2009

Why Islamic Republic affraid of " Committee for Free , Fair and Healthy Election " !

Mohammad Ali Dadkhah is a lawyer and member of the "Centre for Human Rights Defenders" .
"Committee for Free, Fair and Healthy Election " is one of many committee established by the "Centre for Human Rights Defenders " and a group of political and social activists as a national action committee. one of the task of the committee is to overlook on to the commng presidential election on June and report the irregularities and any violation to the public. The law building of Mr. Dadkhah is the venue for the meeting of " Committee for Free, Healthy and Fair election " and members of this committee suposed to meet but Mr. Dadkhah said:
"On Tuesday they( the security agents)contacted me and said this meeting must not take place. I told them since the meeting was planned from befor, let us to hold this meeting and in the future we will take decision . But Yesterday the security agents attended in "Rad Law Building" and prevented the committee members to hold the meeting. In this meeting ( on Wednesday) i wasn't there and was attending in a seminar in Persian Gulf ."
According to one of the member present in Wednesday's meeting , the security agents attended in the building and said ; from now on, meeting with different title must stop in this building.Mr. Dadkhah said : Since the establishment of "Rad Law Building", every year four historic national celeberation social event were taken place in the building , celeberation such as : Mehregan, Yalda, Nowrooz and Ramdan .
Mr. Dadkhah believe that , every lawyer must have interest to his homeland and love it, othervise his identity , credibility and personality will go under question and these national celeberation is part of our identity and nationality which we hold with honor .
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