Thursday, June 18, 2009

Amnesty International must release another statement and indicate the correct number of people killed in Iran! It is not 5 people for sure!!!

Right now, people by the thousands have gathered in "Topkhaneh /Imam Khomeini " Square and they are dressed black. Today's rall will be huge because it is about the martyrs of recent protests.
Upto now one reports indicate there are 9 and another report says 30 people killed and 95 wounded. Although it is hard to find out how many exactly killed in all over Iran . Or it is also hard to find out how many have been arrested.

one particular group must look into this issue.


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  • here's an idea, use Google fusion tables to plot where the deaths have happened:

    this would allow everyone to see where, on a map, they are happening, like Google did for the Swinte Flu

    By Blogger G. M. Plaster, At 12:21 PM  

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