Saturday, June 27, 2009

Armen chakmakian made a music piece for "Neda" The young Iranian women killed in recent protest by Islamic Republic regime thugs!

Click to open:
Neda's Calling (<- "save as" Free download)

Armen's blog:

I composed a new piece of music for her. This is the demo version that I just finished writing, recording and mixing in my studio a few minutes ago. It's a free download. Please feel free to download it, share it, remix it, etc.

Info:In the beginning of the track, you'll hear audio from the video that was aired around the world. WARNING - the video extremely graphic:YouTube VideoAt 1:21 you'll hear a woman yelling at the police (military?) who are beating innocent people walking the sidewalk. She's yelling to them to beat her instead. Audio is from this video:YouTube VideoHer translation from the youtube page:"Hit me. Not hitting me now that Im filming?Come on hit me. Hit me once. Weren't you just hitting me before?How many people have you hit?Hit. Hit him.Yes, yes you must hit them."


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