Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iranian Satyrist Seyed Ebrahim Nabavi in "Radio Zamane" a Farsi speaking Radio in Netherland wrote:
Mr. Khamenei ! people will put you in the place where you belong.
what U have to do is simple , It is what every consciencious people do , U must give back their rights, you must nullify the election so that the people freely elect their candidate , this is what the people want and if you dont give this then U may give bigger demands,people are angry of your speach the other day in Friday prayer, but they didn't lose control of their mind , they will continue their big protests, they will take their rights without anger and hate,Mr. Khamenei! The humble people of Iran are more stronger than you think,they have come to strret and will remain in the street, they will get their rights and will put you back in the place where you belong......


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  • "Iranian supreme leader has been exploiting his position for twenty years, cooking a dish of dictatorship for Iran using the recipes of the late Shah and adding Islamic spices. Believe us dear leader, your soup tastes just like what we threw out of the window thirty years ago. - Source

    By Blogger Gene, At 12:39 PM  

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