Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Up to this moment a 19 years old girle have been shot to death!

Report from "Baharestan" square:
From 12:00 noon the anti- rioting guards were jammed in and around the Baharestan square. People arrived earlier than 4:00 pm (as it the protest was scheduled), The security forces have cancelled the Subway in Baharestan, The anti-rioting guards were equipped with tear gas and baton and were armed. As the gathering increased the guards started shooting into the air and shooting tear gas to disperse the people, tens of the people were arrested and wounded , the people were chanting "death to dictator ", Upto now one 19 years old girle have been killed , shot by the neck , the security forces took her wounded body with them, no one knows where they took her. The clashes still continue.....


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