Friday, June 26, 2009

What this regime is doing is pouring oil on the fire and making the Iranian people more angry!

Danger , Lives of thoes who have been arrested in the recent protests are in great danger.
More than 5,000 Iranian have been arrested , among them many prominent reformist politicians and personalities, journalists and human rights advocates are also included. The political prisoners are under torture and forced confession . UN human rights council must send a representative to Iran immediately to stop the killings. The NGO's must put pressure on their Government to call the Iranian ambassador for questioning and demand to stop the torture and killing of prisoners.

2- the situation in Iran is dramatically changing and the human lost in this situation is immenent.
This is all because of regime cheating the election on June 12 and then on June 13 announcing Ahmadinejad as the winner of presidential election. As a result people were shocked to hear this and to accept this , so , they poured into the street on June 13 by hundereds of thousands and sometimes by the millions ,this become the news of the day through out the world day after day . Its now 14 days since june 12.

3- who was behind this?
Definitely not Ahmadinejad alone, he is just a pupet , the mastermind behind all this was Khamenei the leader of the Islamic Republic himself and his sons.Because of this Khamenei lost credebility among many clergies and Ayattolahs who support the reform, and even those who were in between. Khamenei made a big mistake and lost his credebility as mediator between the fundamentalist clergies and reformists, him by deciding to stop and reversing the course of reform by supporting Ahmadinejad the first time and by cheating and rigging the election in the second time around made the people and reformists angry, therefore a sharp division among clergies and Ayatollas has developed. The people in the protest chant " death to dictator " now.

4- The protest will continue and if the major unions such as National Oil workers , Government Employees union , teachers union , nurses and transit workers and .... will join the protesters and call for strike , not only the illegitimate regime of Ahmadinejad but the Islamic Republic as a regime will be vanished from Iran . It seems to me that the regime does not understand this and still playing game and pouring oil on the fire by making the people of Iran particularly the young people who are making 70% of the population angry.

So, the solution is simple. The regime must accept the cheating in the election and call a brand new election.That simple, or face the consequences.


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