Sunday, July 12, 2009

Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the July 9th Student Uprising in Iran in Toronto

On July 9th, in unison with the people of Iran , more then two thousand Iranians in the Toronto area formed a long human chain on Yonge Street . The chain stretched from Willowdale’s Mel Lastman Square northward , approaching Finch Ave. The event was organized by the Committee for Solidarity with Iran . Similar to Willowdale, hundreds of Iranians gathered along Yonge Street in Richmond Hill, carring placards and lighting candles.

The placards carried by protestors aimed to raise the awareness of non-Iranians about the situation in Iran . They condemned the Iranian government’s suppression, brutalization, and jailing of peaceful protesters in Iran , who have repeatedly taken to the streets in large numbers since the controversial presidential election of June 12th.

After sunset, hundreds of the demonstrators lit candles and remembered the dozens of victims of the recent violence in Iran . The organizers had also prepared a one-meter wide and ten-meter-long green cloth, which was signed by hundreds of protestors with the words, “Ahmadinejad’s is not my president.” More signatures will be gathered to voice people’s protests over the coming days. The numerous signed cloths will be sown together to create one of the world’s the longest protest symbols.

The protestors chanted slogans that demanded freedom and security for their compatriots in Iran . The slogans inscribed on the placards were as follows:

“Change for Iran "
* Free Political Prisoners
* Stop Torture
* Election not Selection
* Condemn "CONfessions" under Torture
* Support the Movement for Democracy in Iran
*Commemorating July 9th


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