Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Egypt or other countries must know that if Ahmadinejad enter in their country for conference,their embassys all over the world will face protest!

It has been reported that Ahmadinejad will be arrested if enters in egypt for conference. Lawyers in Egypt filed complaints against him and his government in the court. There are possibilities that Ahmadinejad in its travel to abroad will go to Russia, China, North Korea, Bulivia, Cuba ,Syria , Malaysia, Indonesia, Sudan, Somalia.
when Ahmadinejad went to Russia there were protest in front of Russian embassy in Toronto -Canada and the 1000+ protesters were chanting: "Moscow , let Ahmadi go" or " Moscow , Ahmadi must go".

Ahmadinejad in its international travel can go to lebanon to meet Hezbullah leader Hassan Nasrullah or Hamas leader and of course with millions of Iranian oil money.


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