Friday, July 03, 2009

Students uprising on"18th of Tir"after the "parallel forces"decided to close many reformists newspaper including"Salam",It continued for 6 days!

"18th of Tir "( was the 6 days uprising of students 10 years ago in July 1999 which shook Iran )- This pictures are all from those days. At that time the reform/change Government of Khatami was on place , but the fundamentalists and its forces were positioning themselves in different Government offices and were running a "parallel Government " and as a result the " chain murdering" occured in the hand of Said Emami and then many reformist newspapers were also shut down by one of those fundamentalist forces the judge Said Mortazavi . "18th of Tir" (July 9 ) is approaching and report indicates that the students may stage rally in Tehran on that day.


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