Monday, October 05, 2009

The officials in the Islamic Republic regime are responsible if anything happened to Doctor Mohammad Maleki,Osanlou and many other political prisoners

Doctor Maleki's wife said : "The officials intend to physically remove doctor Maleki" !

Doctor Maleki is a well known personality and a dissent voice , he was arrested and now is in prison, but his wife in a statement said that: " signs are indicating that his health is worsening ". She believe that perhaps something had happened to him and the regime isn't talking. Doctor Maleki's family warned that regime by knowing about life thretening deseases is planning to physically remove doctor Maleki.

Fear from future, fear from the Iranian people must at least stop them for what they do, but it seems they are not scared and feel doing so....
The heads of the Islamic Republic will be brought to International criminal court for crime against humanity. They are responsible for every life that have been lost in Iran. No negotiation with this regime should be made.Any governments in the world making deals with this regime of coup d'etat without considering human rights violation is like "spitting in the air which will fall on their heads later".In the meantime, we the Iranian must focus and bring together our efforts and feed the world public about what is going on in our homeland and build worldwide awareness and solidarity with Iranian people. This is the smallest things we can do for our people who are putting their lives for freedom and democracy in Iran.


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