Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What this young man has done that he deserve to die ?! Save this young man's life , Ehsan Fatahian is going to be executed tomorrow morning!

Ehsan Fatahian's lawyer said ; he was informed of the decision and his client will be hanged by Wednesday!

The head of judiciary power Mohammad Sadegh Larijani is responsible for his death and no one else because he is the head of the judiciary power and he must observe the judiciary system and the judges and prosecutors under his leadership.

Enough is enough, Mohammad Sadegh Larijani is responsible for all who have been killed or maimed , tortured or arbiterarily arrested under his leadership.
This young man was arrested more than a year ago for allegedly as a member of the political organization and was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. He is 28 years old. He has been arrested in Kamiaran, a city in the province of Kurdistan.Regime is taking the revenge of Baluchestan bombing which caused regime to suffer losing few commander and forces .

Ehsan is chrged with being a member of an organization called " Pejak " and violating the so called "national security". According to report two other Kurdish are also awaiting their execution and their names are : Habibolah Latifi and Shirkoh Maarefi . All three are now in Sanandaj city prison.


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