Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Clotilde Reiss and the dirty politics exist in the international stages!

Clotilde Reiss is the French woman who was arrested together with thousands of Iranian green movement leader after the June 12 presidential election in Iran and brought to the court with hundereds of them and was put on trial with almost same allegation with others as "conspiracy against national security".

When i was student in Philippines during the Shah , as a human being ,time to time i participated in the demonstration of Filipino people against the Marcos dictatorship.It was just like a human instinct to protest against human rights violation. Human rights and humanity goes beyond
national border and nationality. i dont know much about Ms. clotilde Reiss's background but:

what concern me is that; a foreign national is being held as hostage for various "alleged convictions." In this situation the Government of coup d'etat delays the justice and looks for political interest in this case and the French government for not puting enough pressure on the regime of Ahmadinejad, i think showing very little effort towards the release of its citizen . I say this because;it seems to me that the French government acting very naive in dealing with the regime of ahmadinejad who is known in Iran as a lier and since ; Iranian people know him as a lier and lunatic , he therefore trys to play and use its specialities in the international stages by deceiving them to open space for its ill policies which is not only endangering the international politics but it also endangers the sovereignity of my country Iran.

I hope her situation and other foreign political prisoners ends early so that; she and other can return to thier families and friends at the time of Chrismas Holidaysy and befor New Year .

Trial of French national in Iran to be continued: lawyer 2009-12-23 21:41:36

TEHRAN, Dec. 23 (Xinhua) -- Trial of French national Clotilde Reiss on the charges of attending anti-government protests will be continued, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Wednesday.
Her second trial session was held on Wednesday and one more session will come, Reiss' lawyer Mohammad-Ali Mahdavi-Sabet was quoted as saying.
"The final part of pleadings concerning the accusations against the French citizen will be made at the next hearing," Mahdavi-Sabet said, without elaborating the date.
He said that France's ambassador to Tehran and a diplomat from the French embassy were also present at the judiciary complex, the report said.
According to the reports, Reiss was arrested on July 1 upon leaving Iran after spending five months in the central city of Isfahan. Her first hearing session was held on July 8.
The 24-year-old French teacher, Reiss, was accused of taking part in Iran's anti-government protests during the country's presidential campaign this summer.


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